Pokemon UNITE Is In A Death Spiral…


Pokemon UNITE Is In A Death Spiral…

THE FINAL POKEMON SCARLET AND VIOLET TRAILER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2Hkq9i5I0o&list=PLMMSpLODYMftyLw3YOaRrVKvneBh5tb-E&index=1
Despite the release of Zoroark in Pokemon Unite, the game is done. Even though it was never true that Pokemon Unite was Pay To Win, the Pokemon Community believed it which led to the playerbase falling off faster than it should have. This meant there needed more bot games to fill queues and less money to put towards good servers. Eventually New Pokemon Unite characters became paid currency only, which only made more people quit and now the problems are in a never ending loop of making the game worse and worse. Now with Pokemon Unite Zoroark being the most anticipated New Pokemon Unite release the devs are making unacceptable decisions. Don’t expect Pokemon Unite Zoroark Gameplay or a Zoroark Unite Guide from me… or many more Pokemon Unite videos until major changes happen.

Pokemon Unite IS NOT PAY TO WIN! https://youtu.be/FPymX1RIhjI

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